CMSA Hall of Fame 2013 Inductees


Gary Vien – Individual -  member of CMSA for over 30 years starting as a player in the 1982 16-inch softball league and then with the open 12” softball league.  Co-Founder of the Sr. Cup tournament, a Brodie award winner in Open softball. He has played the game the right way and has always demonstrated good sportsmanship.


Rob Burton – Individual – has been a member of CMSA since the early 1990’s, he became the Open Indoor volleyball commissioner in 1998, moved the league to the five courts at the Broadway Armory and was one of the founders of the beach volleyball league.  A great competitor, a great commissioner, a great contributor.


Maureen Sullivan/Spyner’s – Fan/Supporter – Sponsor of many CMSA teams for almost fifteen years . She has sponsored teams from women’s flag football, basketball, volleyball, softball, dodge ball, beach volleyball, soccer, to open softball and kickball.  She has provided space for team fundraisers so they could travel to the ASANA World Series , the flag football tournament in Key West or to participate at the 2006 Gay Games held in Chicago.


John Lyrla – Fan/supporter – longtime supporter and fan of CMSA athletics covering almost 30 years – a die hard, loving, enthusiastic, cow bell wielding fan.  He has been an avid fan and watched many softball and flag football teams play throughout the years.

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