CMSA Hall of Fame 2010 Inductees


  • Was the hands-on owner of the popular Northside neighborhood gay bar Big Red’s.

  • She was instrumental in the founding of GAA, now CMSA, and was on its first board when incorporated in Dec. 1979.

  • She continued to serve on the board through the mid-80’s, only retiring do to poor health.

  • Although straight, she was a fervent supporter of the GLBT community financially and morally --throughout her life.

  • In 1988, Big Red’s bar was honored as the “sponsor of the Decade” during our 10th anniversary celebration. She was the only sponsor from 1979 who had continuously fielded a team in MSA since its inception in 1979.

  • After retiring from the board, she remained a member of CMSA until the mid 1990’s.

  • From 1979-1981, she helped organize, participated in and served as the secretary/treasurer of the Tuesday afternoon bowling league, she also served on the Wednesday night bowling board.

  • Perennial sponsor of GAA/MSA activities including Bowling, 16” softball, 12” softball, volleyball, basketball and tennis. She also initiated the indoor “table-top bowling tournament”.

  • Big Red’s was the scene of countless fundraisers for Chicago House and also the Frank M Rodde III Memorial Building Fund.

  • Adrene was active in the Metropolitan Business Association and in the Tavern Guild of Chicago.  

  • She was inducted into the Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame in 1999, the year before her passing in 2000.

  • As Sam Molinaro is generally considered the ‘father’ of CMSA—in the eyes of many who knew her—Adrene will always be thought of as the ‘mother’ of CMSA.


  • The North End opened for business on the ‘north end” of the Halsted Strip in 1983 and began supporting sports teams with GAA/MSA and currently CMSA, particularly softball and bowling, right from the start; continuing to this day.
  • Its original owners, Rudy Johnson and Jack Conte, were strong supporters of CMSA, offering their bar for numerous functions over the years. The current ownership has continued that tradition.

  • The bar was particularly supportive of the CMSA bowling leagues (which bowled at Marigold Arcade, just a block away), providing weekly ‘free pizza’ after the league play ended, until Marigold closed down in 2004.

  • For many years, starting with its inaugural year in 1988, the CPI Bowling Tournament held its registration and/or welcoming parties at the bar at no cost to CMSA or to the tournament.

  • In July of 2006, the North End was the official “host bar” for the bowling event of the Gay Games; 576 bowling participants from around the world attended the event. The bar was the central gathering point for the bowlers.

  • Throughout the years, many other bowling fundraisers and other events have been held at the bar. It has done likewise for many other sports, particularly 16” and 11” softball.

  • Throughout its 27-year existence, the North End has been an invaluable asset to CMSA, and GLBT community in general. Its financial and moral support has been an important element in our groups continued growth. 


  • 1993 - 2008 - Open Sunday Softball 12” softball player and manager.  Coached many different players, with various athletic skill levels, stressing sportsmanship, honor of the game and to play with enthusiasm and team spirit. Peter’s teams earned the right to represent CMSA in the World Series in 1993, 1995, 1996 (finished 3rd), and 2004. Coaching and teaching the game to all players, and how they can become a better player, was of particular importance.  Sharing his knowledge of the game with players of little or no softball experience was extremely pleasing and offered him a great deal of happiness and enjoyment!

  • 1998 – 1999 CMSA main board as a member at large.

  • 1993 – Present:  Participated in bowling, badminton, flag football and tennis.

  • 1998 – Present: Founder and Director of the “Senior Cup” Softball Tournament.  Originated the theory of this tournament and worked to develop a committee and marketing of our event.

  • 1997 – 2000 Served on the open softball board.

  • 2001 served as sport commissioner for 12” open softball.  Continued the growth of teams in our league.  League representative to NAGAAA.

  • 2004 – 2006 CMSA President.  Worked to improve communication with sport directors and to develop and improve the organizations infrastructure, to support the growing needs of each sport.  During his presidency, CMSA added Badminton and Soccer as new sports and the initiation of the Hall of Fame.  Began the process of on-line membership registration.

  • 2007 to Present: Member of the Hall of Fame committee.


  • 1987 to Present:  Volleyball player.

  • 1992 – 1996  Volleyball Director.  As commissioner, the league was moved from the two-court facility at DePaul Settlement House to larger facilities at the Evanston YMCA combined with Margate Park, more than doubling the number of teams.  Coordinator for the NAGVA sanctioned Chicago Fall Classic from 1992-1996, which brought teams from across the country and Canada to compete over Thanksgiving weekend.  Introduced the Spring Cotillion, the drag volleyball ‘tournament’ with modified rules in 1992.  This fund-raising event recurs every few years to the delight of participants and fans alike.

  • 2004 - Present:  Badminton   Co-commissioner from 2004-2008, and current commissioner of the still growing sport. Along with Mark Febonio introduced a new sport to CMSA with the goal of increasing the Chicago presence at the Gay Games in Montreal.  When the Games moved to Chicago for 2006, the drive to improve the quality and increase the quantity of participants from Chicago resulted in a number of players winning medals in a sport that previously had no presence in the community.  Co-chaired the Badminton event at Gay Games with great success thanks to the contributions of the CMSA badminton committee as well as the local Chicago badminton organizers.

  • 2008 - Present:  Kickball : Introduced a new sport to CMSA with Doug Malm in 2008.  The inaugural season ran indoors at the Center on Halsted with 8 teams, followed by a summer session in 2009 with 12 teams.

  • 1998 – Present:  Softball player since 1998 and co-captain of the Steamworks team for the past 7 seasons.

  • 1998 - Present:  Tennis League and annual tournament participant.

  • 2008 - Present: Dodgeball - Participant for 3 seasons and team captain for the past two seasons. 


  • 1997 -2007: Softball - Team Manager.  Secured sponsors, purchased jerseys, processed player forms and fees, compiled team contact lists, developed weekly line up, reported scores to league and local LGBT press, and scheduled after game social events.

  • 1998 – 2001  Volleyball:  League Co-Coordinator.  Together with Josie Raimond, revitalized the league starting with 12 teams and expanding within a few years to nearly 30 teams and three divisions.

  • 1999 – 2001   Flag Football League Co-Coordinator and Team Manager - Worked with Bibi Andrade setting schedules, recruited women to form and join teams, managed finances, hired and scheduled referees, reported league scores to LGBT press, networked with bar owners to coordinate sign-up an d end-of-season parties and assisted with the growth and expansion of the league.

  • 2000 – 2001   CMSA Secretary

  • 2001 – 2002   CMSA Interim Treasurer

  • 2002 – 2004   CMSA President - During my tenure we celebrated our 25th anniversary, participated in the 3rd annual Midwest GLBT Sports and Cultural Festival and served as liaison to the organization bidding for the 2006 Gay Games. In addition, after traveling with another board member, Garrett Taliaferro, to a national conference of LGBT sports organizations, we became aware that not only are we the largest group of this kind in the country, but we are also unique in structure and operation.  

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