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  • CMSA is an all-volunteer organization and we do not have an office or an office phone. All communication is done via email.
  • All registration must be done online for CMSA dues and player fees. You must pay your CMSA dues once a year, if you only play softball in the summer, you need to renew your cmsa dues before you pay for the softball  player fee, if you only play beach vb, you need to pay your cmsa dues before you pay for the beach vb player fee. Our fiscal year starts with  the fall sports and runs through the end of the summer.    
  • CMSA’s registration system accepts a Visa, MasterCard, Discover qnd Debit Cards. 
If you have a problem, can’t remember your user name or password, send an email to

Here's some FAQ's regarding this policy that you may share with players as questions arise:

Q1: Why is CMSA requiring online player payments?
A1:  Requiring players to pay online saves both Commissioners and CMSA Treasurer time by taking away the handling of money. We are also better able to track member payments and provide you with regular registration reports. Online payments also put a stop to misplaced payments. From an efficiency standpoint, we are all volunteers. The handling of physical cash and checks is very time consuming for both the Commissioner and the CMSA Treasurer. We now have almost 4,000 members and it is becoming a fulltime job to track payments. By going to online transactions only, we are cutting down on lost payments and saving tons of time on processing registrations, since everything is now automated.

Q2:  What is CMSA's policy regarding gender identity and gender expression?
A2:  CMSA welcomes and encourages people of all genders to participate in its sports programs, and we allow people to self-identify which league they feel fits them best.  If you have questions or you would like to speak with someone regarding this policy, please contact the president at . CMSA's full policy is as follows:

CMSA welcomes and encourages people of all genders to participate in its sports programs.  If is not a requirement for any person to undergo hormone therapy, surgery, or other treatment in order to play in their chosen league.  Cisgender athletes may play in any open league and in leagues that correspond with their gender identity.  Transgender or gender non-conforming athletes may play in any league of their choice and are not required to explain, justify, or provide documentation supporting this choice.  If issues arise regarding an athlete's gender identity or expression, the league Commissioner will be available to mediate, answer questions, and provide resources.  To ensure competitive balance and for the safety of all CMSA members, all athletes, regardless of gender identity, will be subject to movement to a higher or lower division or a different league based on skill level of play.  All athletes must also play under the existing rules of the league they have chosen.

You can find a list of documents about the policy by following the link to our "documents" page, which will include definitions, vocabulary, etc. Here is the link to the page:   CMSA Documents
Q3: Can I just hand my check to the league Commissioner?
A3: Not anymore. Players who pay by check will not be considered registered.

Q4: What about my Team Fee/Sponsor check?
A4:  We will continue to accept physical check payments from Sponsors/Team fees, but are starting to encourage sponsors to pay more efficiently online.

Q5: How can I check the status of my account?
A5: Log In and select from the various menu items on your personal "Dashboard".

Q6: Can I pay for someone else on my account?
A6: No, each person must have his or her own account with his or her own email address. You may create an account for other players, but they must sign the electronic waiver form.

Q7: I just changed my email address, how do I change it for CMSA records?
A7: The user must log into their registration profile and update it  themselves. CMSA does not update email addresses automatically.

Q8: Is there a minumum age to participate in CMSA sports?
A8: Yes. You must be at least 19 years old to partipcate in CMSA. Players under 19 can not participate in CMSA even with parent/guardian permission.  

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