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2021 Spring Smite League: Joust Mode  Video Game League · Co-Ed Open

Requires Annual 21 Membership
Spring 2021
Apr 1 ’21
Jun 30 ’21
Registration Dates:
Feb 15 ’21 – Apr 30 ’21 regular
Minimum age:
18 years old
Age as of:
Feb 15 ’21

Thursdays (830PM CST) & Sundays (4PM CST)

Team Fees
Regular $0.00 per player + $26.00 Membership Fee
Free Agent Fees
Free + $26.00 Membership Fee + Transaction Fee

Smite is a third-person multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game. 

Join the Battleground of the Gods in the Joust game play mode!

What is Joust Game Mode?
Joust is team-of-three-players (3v3) match. The goal is to destroy the enemy's defenses including their towers, phoenix, and their Titan to win the game 
Watch out for enemy gods and the Bull Demon King in the forest along the way!

How does the Joust League work?
Each team requires a captain. Captains are tasked with organizing their own up-to-four-player team. The league manager will manage match-ups, but team captains will schedule games with other team captains over a period of up to two weeks and report results to the league manager.

Anyone on your roster of up-to-four players may play at any time

Who can participate?
You! Anyone and everyone is welcome to join at any skill level. 

What do I need to buy to play in this league?
CMSA Annual Membership If you are in need of assistance with player fees, CMSA created a hardship fund to help with the expenses.
Smite Game (cross-platform)

What should I do during the game?
Have fun, meet new people through Discord, and make more friends while playing Smite. Don't forget to snap photos and post/share about the league on our social platforms!

For more information on schedule, equipment, and location, see below and to the right! For any other questions email us at

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League Notes:

Registration is closed

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